Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Best Trails of 2017

Rails to Trails Conservancy recently published a "best-of" list for trails in the United States.

Ohio is represented on the rail-trail roll call by the impressive Little Miami Scenic Trail. Stretching nearly 80 miles from Springfield to the eastern outskirts of Cincinnati, this state-maintained (it's actually a linear State Park!) paved trail offers walkers, bikers, hikers, and families an easily accessed and accessible recreational facility.

Trail towns such as Milford, Loveland (pictured below), and Xenia own their position and cater to trail users with restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, bike repair facilities, and more located on or near the path.

In addition to the adjacent Little Miami State and National Scenic River, sights along the trail range from the historic Peters Cartridge factory at Kings Mills to the skyscraping roller coasters of Mason's Kings Island amusement park.

We here at the Cincinnati Rambler will certainly have much more digital ink to spill about the Little Miami Trail in the future - it's concurrence with seven other long-distance trails, being part of the largest network of paved off-road pathways in the United States, the soon-to-be-completed connection to Downtown Cincinnati, a cross-county network of trails linking to the Great Miami River corridor - but for now, I encourage you to grab family and friends and get outside on one of the best trails in the country, right in our backyard!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Great Miami Trail - Joyce Park to Lodder Park


The second installment of our series on the Great Miami River Recreation Trail begins at the southern edge of Hamilton at the Joyce Park trailhead. The discussion of our previous hike from Fairfield's Waterworks Park can be found here.

Segment Two runs northward to Lodder Park near Miami University Hamilton, a one-way distance of two miles. As with the other segments of the GMRRT, the trail is paved, well-maintained, and easily accessible for strollers and wheelchair users.